Baronerhus: Packages



Documents (except scale drawings)

Drawings required in order to apply for a building permit:
Foundation drawings and section views
Building’s floor plan, elevations, section views

Thermally insulated exterior wall modules, covered with 13mm standard gypsum board on the inside and with wind protection panels on the outside;
Deep-impregnated bearers, separation and sealing strips;  
Wall studs (vertical posts) in load-bearing interior walls;
Additional beams (bottom and top plates) in load-bearing interior walls;
Wooden posts and beams supporting the roof
Any other load-bearing posts, joists, beams (e.g. for balconies, protruding structures), based on the house design.

Wooden windows with spectrally selective glass (Low-E) (German type);
Double-glazed windows, double-pane insulated glass unit in the internal frame (RT 38-10133); glass thickness according to RT-10316; 
The panes and glass units are fitted using silicone adhesive;
Painted wood.

Ceiling structures
Ceiling joists.

Roof structures
Nail-plated trusses with mounting and support fittings;
Collar ties (for rafters);
Ventilation battens.

10-year warranty for load-bearing structures


(in addition to the factory package)

Slab foundation with first-floor water and sewer piping and under-floor heating system.

Flat-roofed house – exterior finishing and roof
Flat roof covered with SBS material (without thermal insulation)
Stuccoed facade
Construction of carport
Construction of parapet
Installation of parapet and exterior window sills (sheet metal)
Rain water piping 
Exterior window sills (sheet metal)

Gable-roofed house – exterior finishing and roof
Sheet metal or tiled roof (without thermal insulation), as chosen by customer
Stuccoed facade or painted timber panelling
Construction of soffit lining
Rain water piping
Exterior window sills (sheet metal)
Skylights, with installation (if in the design) 
Construction of carport (if in the design)

The above services can also be ordered separately.


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